Fix system error 0xc0000142 0xc0150002 c0000135

Fix system error 0xc0000142 0xc0150002 c0000135. Frustrated with seeing "application failed to initialize properly" Discover the easy way to fix these errors

How to fix 0xc0150002 error | application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002)

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). Click on OK to terminate the application.  Sound familiar? The application error 0xc0150002 can appear at any time. It has been linked to windows updates, office 2007, office 2010 and even some games such as Far Cry.The application failed to initialize properly 0xc0150002 is one or the errors you are likely to encounter.Reinstalling the effected program may fix the issue, however if it does not you will need to edit system files  to resolve it permanently. Such System changes can be very daunting and to be honest a bit scary. But don't worry too much, worst that can happen is that you have to reinstall your whole system, data and files.  Fortunately this error does not cause any hardware damage.

Which OS does 0xc0150002 affect?

Unfortunately 0xc0150002 is not just restricted to Windows XP. Both Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit versions have both generated reports of 0xc0150002 errors.

What is the 0xc0150002 error

This error is caused by an application failed to initialize properly. Which inturn causes a failure to initialize a DLL correctly. So what caused the initial problem with the application? It could be because the file is corrupted, missing, or possibly has been infected by a virus or spy ware.  This is a big issue and can be easily fixed. With some complex troubleshooting you can be back to fully functional with out to much downtime.

How to fix 0xc0150002 error (the hard way)

In order to fix this error the first thing to try is reinstalling the effected program. Next look and see if  it affects more than one application. Your next attempt would be to use an operating system install disk and do a  sfc /scannow from the dos prompt. This will scan all the system files,  replace them with  good versions for the OS from the install CD. Once the process is complete reboot your machine. This will only fix errors with the OS files.Your applications may still have issues and need to be re-installed. The application error 0xc0150002 can be caused by any variety of reasons so the solution above may not fix the issue. There may be issues with registry. This you fix by accessesing the registry with the regedit command. Important : make sure you back up your registry before editing anything.

The easy way to fix 0xc0150002 error

I know the above sounds daunting, not many people are comfortable using the command prompt or want to start editing files.  No need to worry if this is you. I would recommend using a good registry cleaner if reinstalling the program did not work. A good one will back up the registry for you  before making any system changes. The registry can take a lot of abuse not just from the 0xc0150002 error but other programs leave junk behind when un-installed, spyware, viruses. A good registry cleaner will clean all that up. Your pc will feel like new after a good clean out

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